your fabric shop online is the online shop of RIBES & CASALS, that is a leading company on the traditional sale of fabrics, with shops around Spain, and with Sales Agents aroundEurope. Its experience and knowledge of the market is the best support for this project of selling fabrics online. In the online catalogue you can find a large selection of fabrics with different categories such as Decoration, Fabrics for Dance, Costumes, Carnival and Shows, Flamenco, Fashion and many others. is the e-commerce project from RIBES & CASALS that has been selling fabrics since 1933, and has four shops in BarcelonaMadrid and Seville.

In the catalogue you will find a large selection of fabrics: for Decoration, Kids, handcrafts, etc, if you do not find what you are looking for contact us and we will try to find it.

For special sales, adjusts the prices of its online catalogue, such as Professionals, big groups, Carnival, Dance groups, Associations, etc.

We are willing to satisfy your needs.

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