Metallical Rafia


Metallical Rafia 

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  • Topaz fabric made with shiny threads creating a metallic effect. Fine metallic topaz fabric, sheer and soft texture, with gilding for making garments with structure and body. Ideal fabric for making costumes, handcrafts and decoration.

    4,80 €
  • A very curious fabric due to its appearance similar to metal shavings. Very colourful and bright. Shiny and metallic finish. A fabric with body and weight, opaque and adaptable. Widely used in crafts and costumes because it adds a very authentic touch of fun.

    10,25 €
  • 10,25 €
Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items

Fabric with metallic raffia appearance in bright colours. Suitable for show and carnival costumes.

Composition: 70% Metallic 30% Nylon
Width: 120 cm