Halloween Fabrics 

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  • Cotton poplin printed with 1cm white stars on a denim blue background. Printed childhood fabric, with strength, thin and with a very soft and pleasant texture. Cotton fabric perfect to make kids sheets, kids clothing, shirts and kids dresses and decoration.

    6,25 €
  • Rasete fabric, sheer, light and with little body. Striking colour fabric perfect for making costumes and for decoration.

    2,10 €
  • Fabric with foam lining on an orange sateen base with a lot of body, stiff and malleable, allows to create structure thanks to its volume, very easy to work with wether sewed or glued.  Perfect foam for making disguises and Halloween decorations. *Foam thickness : 3mm 

    4,55 €
  • Stretch Fabric opaque, with boydy and a lot of drape. Stretch resistant. Aerial Silk is used for acrobatic and aerial shows as it stretches enough and doesn't distort. *Stretches only in one way.

    4,50 €
  • Strong and resistant plastic fabrics, malleable for making bags, crafts, modern and artistic upholstery, and even certain types of clothing. They can be sewn and also support the use of adhesive on the reverse side. They come in original and fun prints that give them a very authentic touch.

    16,35 €
Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items